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Providing care for your elderly loved ones at home can be challenging. You have many of your own life responsibilities to attend to and worry that you may not always be able to give the elders in your family the necessary attention they deserve. Consider the Rocky Hill Adult Day Center in Rocky Hill, Connecticut during the day for your loved ones.

Your elders should have the chance to participate in activities that make their day brighter. They should be around people their age and be able to talk to them about their experiences. It’s amazing how a little bit of sun and a ton of healthy activities and meals can improve the quality of life of the people you love. A day at our center would definitely ensure that in more ways than one. Don’t hesitate to do this for them and for yourself. You deserve your rest and your elders deserve to spend their time engaging in activities that are productive and fulfilling. For more information about adult day services in Connecticut, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 860-372-4656 today.

Find our Adult Day Care Center

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Our adult day center is the place for your elderly loved ones to engage in healthy activities with other adults. It is the perfect social setting for those who are in danger of isolating themselves in their homes.  Our program provides opportunities for older adults to talk with other people, share their experiences, join in on our programs, and eat healthy and nutritious meals. Come visit us today! We’re not hard to find, just click the link for directions!

Adult Day Care Eligibility

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Are your loved ones eligible for adult day care? All you have to do is contact our accommodating and trusted staff today to find out the answer. Give us a call at 860-372-4656. Let us ease your concerns on this matter right away! [Click Here]