5 Risk Factors of Social Isolation among the Elderly

5 risk factors of social isolation among the elderly

Several studies have proven the positive effects of social interaction and support on health. However, based on current reports, social isolation and loneliness continue to be a horrifying issue for the senior population. In order for us to find ways to prevent it from happening to our senior loved one, it is important that we understand the risk factors attached to it. Rocky Hill Adult Day Center, an adult day care center in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, lays down some of these:

  • Living Alone
    The likelihood of living alone increases with old age. As reported by the US Census Bureau in 2010, an estimated eleven million of people over 65 years old lived alone. Their children grow up and create a family of their own, thus, leaving elders to live on their own.
  • Poor Health and Disability
    Which comes first: the chicken or the egg? A debate among researchers still exists on the matter whether poor health and disability cause social isolation and loneliness or it is the other way around. For us, both have their respective points. It appears to be in some case studies that poor health and disability are associated with a higher rate of social isolation and loneliness.
  • Inaccessibility of Transportation
    Old age limits one’s ability to perform certain tasks, including driving. Driving cessation can have a domino effect. When elders have no access to transportation, they are unable to participate in outdoor activities. Disengagement in outdoor activities can lead to a decline in cognitive functioning. Elders are then required to stay inside the house. This can result in social isolation and loneliness.
  • Loss of a Spouse
    There are various activities that are more enjoyable to be undertaken as a couple. With this, we can say that the presence of a spouse encourages social interaction. When the partner dies, it is only natural for the surviving spouse to grieve. However, their grief causes them to become lonely and they tend to isolate themselves away from other people.
  • Lack of Social Activities
    Chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke are just some of the numerous health-related problems that many elders face. We have mentioned earlier that poor health and disability can cause social isolation and loneliness. The reason is apparent. Health problems disable elders from pursuing social activities.

Social isolation and loneliness are as harmful as, if not more harmful than, other health problems. They can weaken your elderly loved one’s immune system, causing them to develop serious health conditions. Prevent this from happening to your elderly. Rocky Hill Adult Day Center aims to help seniors live a happier and more fulfilling life. We provide remarkable adult day care services in Connecticut. We serve in Berlin, Cromwell, Glastonbury, Middletown, Newington, New Britain, West Hartford, Rocky Hill, Meridien, and Wethersfield.

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