Exercises for Senior Citizens Interested in a Healthier Lifestyle

elderly lady playing basketball

The older we get, the more our health will diminish. This is an inevitable fact of life and we are all bound to face it. We will lose our flexibility, our energy, and even our physical strength. However, did you know that it is possible to hold onto our youth by simply keeping up regular exercises?

There are numerous exercises that senior citizens can do in order to maintain a healthier and more independent lifestyle. You also do not have to do it alone because through our adult day care center in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, we can help you exercise effectively and efficiently. Here are a few physical activities that senior citizens can do to stay fit in their elderly years:

  • Walking:
    One of the most important exercises that you will want to keep in mind of is walking, especially if you have not done any exercises in a while. By starting out with walking, you will be able to slowly build up your strength and prepare your body for more challenging and effective exercises later on. If you start with a difficult exercise without preparation, you could tire yourself out and become discouraged. Thus, it is important to gradually move to more difficult exercises as your strength improves.
  • Jogging:
    Another exercise senior citizens can do is jogging. Jogging is more challenging than walking but far more rewarding. You will want to gradually improve your strength until you can comfortably jog for thirty minutes a day for five days a week. This will provide you with the best results.
  • Stretching:
    Stretching is a wonderful exercise which can help you maintain your agility as you age. There are many forms of stretching you can try such as yoga or even Tai Chi. Regular stretching can help improve your flexibility, coordination, balance, loosen up muscles, and even reduce stress.
  • Chair Exercises:
    There are also many kinds of chair exercises you can try such as ankle rotations, shoulder rolling, and knee lifts. These exercises can provide a great way to workout, even while you are relaxing or simply watching TV. We can also assist you through our adult day care services in Connecticut. In fact, we highly encourage seniors to maintain physical activity and some of these activities can apply even when they are sitting down. Chair exercises are a great option especially if you have mobility difficulties.
Those are a few of the many exercises that senior citizens can do. At our adult day care in Connecticut, we can provide the helping hand you need. If you would like to find out more about our services, activities, and programs, please feel free to get in touch with Rocky Hill Adult Day Center anytime.
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