Do You Need to be an Artist to Make Art?

What do you think? Well, let’s see. When you take a look at how art is defined, it is commonly explained as an application of one’s imagination or creative skill. So, it doesn’t say anywhere that you need to HAVE expert skill in order to execute art. This means that, no, you don’t need to … Continue reading

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What Is an Adult Day Care Center?

It can be easy to misunderstand the purpose of an adult day care center and the name alone can make many people hesitate to go to one. After all, who would want to spend their day at a daycare? However, our adult day care center in Rocky Hill, Connecticut is a community. In this community, … Continue reading

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Holding onto Your Independence at an Advanced Age

Being a senior citizen can be difficult at times. Things that were once easy are now exhausting – you may not be able to do certain things on your own anymore, or living on your own is becoming too much of a challenge. These are all things that many senior citizens face on a daily … Continue reading

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Arts and Crafts: A Fun Way to Spend the Day

Life can get monotonous for many senior citizens. You no longer have work to do, your hobbies could get boring over time, or you may not have people to talk to on a regular basis. This can make life feel bland and it can also have a negative impact on your health. Rocky Hill Adult … Continue reading

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The Perks of Daily Socialization for the Elderly

We all need some socialization once in a while, especially as we get older. We are social creatures and in order to pursue a healthy and normal life, we must socialize. However, for many senior citizens, this could be a problem. Their family may have spread out or they may not get the chance to … Continue reading

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