5 Ways That DIY Crafts Can Benefit a Senior

Granny, do you know how to use Youtube? If you would like to learn DIY (Do-It-Yourself) arts and crafts, Youtube is full of tutorials of them. That’s right. You will be delighted to know that even in the advanced age, creativity can still happen. But even if you don’t have access to these online sites, … Continue reading

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How to Make More Friends Even in Your Senior Years

Do you remember that striking proverb about making new friends and keeping the old? Friends are like treasures, aren’t they? They are the silver and gold in our relationships. What’s even more wonderful is that friendships are not bound by age. Even in the senior years, you can still make quality friendships if you just … Continue reading

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Is An Adult Day Care Center Right For You?

Many people hesitate when it comes down to visiting an adult day care center in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. This is not because of the quality of the services but rather because of the name. The last thing many of us want is to go to a day care or be babysat. This can cause us … Continue reading

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How Your Diet Can Keep You Feeling Young

Youth – It is something that many of us take for granted, many of us wish we had again, and something that all of us hate to lose. However, even though aging is a natural part of life, it does not mean we have to stand by and let it dictate the course of our … Continue reading

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What Does Socialization Do for Your Senior Loved One?

Do you remember a time when you were a teen and your parents made you attend an all-adult gathering? While the experience might not be entirely bad, you would most probably have enjoyed it better if there was someone your age around. Well, it’s the same thing for your senior loved one now. While they’re … Continue reading

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